Central European University Press launches new series in Political Radicalization

July 13, 2021

Central European University Press (CEU Press) in cooperation with the International Association for Comparative Fascist Studies (ComFas) has launched a new book series – Studies in Political Radicalization: Historical and Comparative Perspectives, led by Series Editor, Prof. Dr. habil. Constantin Iordachi. 

Constantin Iordachi is a Professor at the History Department of Central European University and President of ComFas. He serves as a member of the Academic Committee of the House of European History, Brussels.

The new series aims to stimulate historical-comparative studies on political radicalization and to promote a new research agenda on radicalization that is critical, translational, and interdisciplinary. The Editorial Board comprises some of the most prominent researchers worldwide in this field: Arnd Bauerkämper, Maria Bucur, Tomislav Dulić, Simonetta Falasca-Zamponi, Leandro Pereira Gonçalves, Roger Griffin, Aristotle Kallis, Antonio Costa Pinto, Sven Reichardt, and Javier Rodrigo Sanchez

 “Violent extremism was a defining mark of the political upheaval of the twentieth century and is still on the rise in the post-Cold War era” explains Constantin Iordachi. “Extremism is not an inherent, ready-made ‘attribute’ or ‘trait’ of a person or political phenomena but an outcome of processes of individual and collective radicalization. Our series promotes novel socio-cultural approaches to multifactorial processes of political transformation leading to violent extremism.”

The Series Editor welcomes book proposals for monographs or edited volumes that include comparative or case study contributions dealing with grassroots or top-down processes of far-right or far-left radicalization, at the level of ideology, dissemination, and political practice.


You can find more information about the series here. If you would like to discuss the series further or submit a book proposal, then please contact iordachinc@ceu.edu


About CEU Press

Established in 1993 to reflect the intellectual strengths and values of its parent institution, the Central European University, CEU Press is a leading publisher in the history of the region, communism and transitions to democracy. It is widely recognised as the foremost English language university press dedicated to research on Central and Eastern Europe and the former communist countries. It publishes approximately 25 new monographs and research-based edited collections a year and has a backlist of over 450 titles.

About ComFas

ComFas is a nonprofit and non-political scholarly association dedicated to the comparative and transnational study of fascism in European and in a global context. ComFas holds biennial international convention and initiates thematic colloquia, workshops, summer schools and research projects on fascism and related topics such as ultranationalism, authoritarianism, political violence, racism and the Holocaust.