Thirty books to help us understand the world, recommended by The Guardian

October 19, 2020

Bálint Magyar's innovative work, Post-Communist Mafia State: The Case of Hungary features among the ‘Thirty books to help us understand the world in 2020’ recommended by The Guardian. As they say: "Authoritarian populism is usually associated with a rise in corruption. This is no accident, argues Bálint MagyarOnce government inspectors, courts and media are all politicised, run by people with links to the ruling party, there is no accountability and a mafia-like oligarchy will inevitably emerge. Magyar explains how this worked in Hungary, a country where cynicism and greed have led not only to the end of democracy but to the end of fair markets. Instead, Hungary has a rigged system, one in which the top layer of the economy is dominated by the prime minister’s friends. Required reading for anyone who wants to understand not just how populism begins, but where it ends."