CEU Press exhibited at the Fifth European Congress on World and Global History hosted by both CEU and Corvinus University in Budapest.

Latest releases: Great Expectations and Interwar Realities by Zsolt Nagy and Muslim Land, Christian Labor ny Anna T. Mirkova. Coming soon: Quest for a Suitable Past, edited by Claudia-Florentina Dobre and Cristian Emilian Ghita

Practices of Coexistence
(Constructions of the other in early modern perceptions) was launched on 15th June at the Central European University in Budapest.

House of a Thousand Floors  is a 2016 Foreword INDIES Finalist in the Science Fiction category. 

2017 Spring/Summer Catalog is available for download.

Roma-Gypsy Presence in the Polish-Lithuanian Commonwealth, 15th-18th Centuries by Lech Mróz received honorable mention for the Kulczycki Book Prize in Polish Studies.


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We, the People – Politics of National Peculiarity in Southeastern Europe
Diana Mishkova, ed.

What Holds Europe Together?
Michalski, Krzysztof

Where Currents Meet - Frontiers of Memory in Post-Soviet Fiction of Kharkiv, Ukraine
Tanya Zaharchenko

Which Socialism, Whose Détente?
Maud Bracke

Which Way Goes Capitalism? – In Search of Adequate Policies in a Dramatically Changing World
Daniel Daianu

Whitehorn's Windmill
Kazys Boruta

Witchcraft Mythologies and Persecutions
Edited by Éva Pócs, Gábor Klaniczay

With their backs to the mountains
Paul Robert Magocsi

Women on the Polish Labor Market
Edited by Mike Ingham, Hilary Ingham and Henryk Domansky

Woman, Violence and War
Edited by Vesna Nikolic-Ristanovic

Writing Europe
Ursula Keller and Ilma Rakusa

Written Here, Published There - How Underground Literature Crossed the Iron Curtain
Friederike Kind-Kovács

Distributed by CEU Press

The War of The Princes - The Bohemian Lands and the Holy Roman Empire 1546-1555
Petr Vorel

War on Drugs, HIV/AIDS and Human Rights
Kasia Malinowska-Sempruch

White and Red Umbrella-The Polish American Congress in the Cold War Era (1944-1988)
Joanna Wojdon

Women and the Holocaust - New Perspectives and Challenges
edited by Andrea Pető, Louise Hecht, Karolina Krauska