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Latest releases:

Academic Freedom. The Global Challenge
edited by Michael Ignatieff and Stefan Roch

From Central Planning to the Market by Libor Žídek

Coming soon:

Landscapes of Disease - Malaria in Modern Greece
Katerina Gardikas

Nationalism and Terror - Ante Pavelić and Ustasha Terrorism from Fascism to the Cold War
Pino Adriano and Giorgio Cingolani

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Sacred Texts and Print Culture
Nadia Al-Bagdadi and Mushirul Hasan eds.

Safe Third Countries
Sandra Lavanex

Saints of the Christianization Age of Central Europe (Tenth to Twelfth Centuries)
Gábor Klaniczay ed.

Sanctity of the Leaders, The
Gábor Klaniczay ed.

Science and the Open Society
Mark Notturno

Science of the Swastika, The
Bernard Mees

Secrets and Truth - Ethnography in the Archive of Romania’s Secret Police
Verdery, Katherine

Screening Trafficking - Prudent or Perilous
Yana Hasahamova

Seeds of Triumph, The
Hanna Diskin

Self-financing Genocide
Gábor Kádár and Zoltán Vági

Serbian Orthodox Fundamentals – The Quest for an Eternal Identity
Christos Mylonas

Shifting Obsessions
Ivan Krastev

Shortcut or Piecemeal - Economic Development Strategies and Structural Change
Jan Winiecki

Dezsô Kosztolányi

Slave Girl and other stories on women, The
Ivo Andric

Small Privatization
John S. Earle, Roman Frydman, Andrzej Rapaczynski, Joel Turkewitz

Smell of Humans, The
Ernô Szép

Erzsébet Szalai

Socialism, Capitalism, Transformation
Leszek Balcerowicz

Socialist Way of Life in Siberia, The - Transformation in Buryatia
Melissa Chakars

Society Transformed, A
Rudolf Andorka

Sorrowful Eyes of Hannah Karajich, The
Ivan Olbracht

Soviet Military Intervention in Hungary, 1956
Jeno Gyoerkei, Miklos Horvath. With a study by Alexandr Kirov, military historian

Soviet Occupation of Romania, Hungary, and Austria 1944/45–1948/49
Csaba Békés
László Borhi
Peter Ruggenthaler
Ottmar Traşcă

Space and Pluralism – Can Contemporary Cities Be Places of Tolerance?
Edited by Stefano Moroni and David Weberman

Stalin - An Unknown Portrait
Miklós Kun

Stalinism RevisitedThe Establishment of Communist Regimes in East-Central Europe
Vladimir Tismaneanu, ed.

State-building – A comparative study of Ukraine, Lithuania, Belarus and Russia
Verena Fritz

The Stranger, the Tears, the Photograph, the Touch - Divine Presence in Spain and Europe since 1500
William A. Christian Jr.

Struggle over Identity – The Official and the Alternative "Belarusianness"
Nelly Bekus

Suburb of Europe, A
Jerzy Jedlicki

Subversive Stages - Theater in Pre- and Post-Communist Hungary, Romania and Bulgaria
Ileana Alexandra Orlich

Distributed by CEU Press

Society and Genetic Information - Codes and Laws in the Genetic Era
J. Sándor

Speak Out
J. Meany and K. Shuster

Speaking Across the Curriculum
The California High School Speech Association's Curriculum Committee

Spirit of the Place – From Mauthausen to MoMA
Péter György

Stabilization of Local Governments
E. Kandeva

State of Local Democracy in Central Europe, The
G. Soós, G. Tóka and G. Wright

Stigmatized - A history of the internal deportations in Hungary: 1951-1958
Széchenyi, Kinga

Studies in Biopolitcs
Sandor, Judit

Synagogues in Hungary, 1782-1918
Klein, Rudolf