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Helena History Press was established to provide publication opportunities for scholars researching and writing on Central and East European themes.

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Comrade Baron
The Fateful Years 1938–1945
July 1944
21st  Century Hungarian Language Survival in Transylvania
White and Red Umbrella

Forthcoming titles:

The Assembly of Captive European Nations in American Cold War Politics

A Country Adrift. The 1944-1945 wartime diaries of Miksa Fenyő (Az elsodort ország)

Being Hungarian in Cleveland: Maintaining Language, Culture and Traditions – 1951-2011

Forbidden Federalism: Secret Diplomacy and the Struggle for a Danubian Confederation: 1918-1921

Discourses of Modernity: The Case of Estonian Literature

Three Conspiracies: Field Marshall Rundstedt, Admiral Canaris, and the Jewish Engineer Who Could Have Saved Europe