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Voices in the Shadows
Women and Verbal Art in Serbia and Bosnia

Celia Hawkesworth, School of Slavonic and East European Studies,
University of London


*Choice Outstanding Academic Book for 2001*

Choice, the magazine of the American Library Association has selected Voices in the Shadows by Celia Hawkesworth as a 2001 Outstanding Academic Title

Women are conspicuously absent from traditional cultural histories of south-east Europe. This book addresses that imbalance by describing the contribution of women to literary culture in the Orthodox/ Ottoman areas of Serbia and Bosnia.

The first complete literary history in relation to women's writing in south-east Europe. The author provides a broad chronological account of this contribution, dividing the book into two main parts; the earlier period up until the eighteenth century concentrates on the projections of gender through the medium of oral tradition and the lives of a handful of educated women in medieval Serbia and the few works of literature they left. Hawkesworth also looks at the written literature produced by women, first in the mid-nineteenth century and then at the turn of the century. The second part focuses on the trials and tribulations that affected feminism and women's literature throughout the twentieth century. The author finishes by highlighting the new women's movement, 1975-1990, a great period for women in Yugoslavia which created a stimulating atmosphere for outstanding pieces of women's journalism, prose and verse, culminating in the creation of new women's studies courses in many universities.

"Hawkesworth introduces her topic by supplying a brief historical survey of the Central Balkan lands, something that will make the volume especially useful for teaching purposes... a valuable guide for scholars and students interested in women's contributions within South Slavic literary traditions, as well as for anybody interested in the cultural history of the area." - Slavic and East European Journal

"In the light of recent events, Celia Hawkesworth's Voices in the Shadows immediately attracts attention." - English Historical Review

"... a substantial opening for women's studies in the South Slav region and a significant contribution to gender studies more generally." - Slavonic and East European Review

"... with this book, the women of Bosnia and Serbia have at last been examined and can move out of the shadows." - Transitions Online (TOL)

"... enjoyable and unique..." - Balkan Academic News


Introduction Chapter 1: Cultural Baggage Chapter 2: Women's Contribution to the Oral Tradition Chapter 3: Women's Voices in the Middle Ages Chapter 4: The Nineteenth Century Chapter 5: The Turn of the Century: New Opportunities: 1900-1914 Chapter 6: Between the Two World Wars: Modernization Chapter 7: The Second Yugoslavia: 1945-1991 Chapter 8: Women's Writing in Bosnia-Herzegovina Conclusion Bibliography Index

290 pages
ISBN 978-963-9116-62-7 cloth $49.95 / €44.95 / £40.00