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The Times Of History
Universal Topics in Islamic Historiography

Aziz Al-Azmeh, Central European University, Budapest

This is a collection of essays on current questions of historiography, illustrated with reference to Islamic historiography. The main concerns are conceptions of time and temporality, the uses of the past, historical periodisation, historical categorisation, and the constitution of historical objects, not least those called "civilisation" and "Islam". One of the aims of the book is to apply to Islamic materials the standard conceptual equipment used in historical study, and to exercise a large-scale comparativist outlook.

"Aziz Al-Azmeh's collection of essays on the historiography of the Near East, Muslim religiosity, and the problems raised by the effort to specify the nature of 'Islam' (is) illuminating, full of learning, and intimately relevant to the understanding of current conflicts throughout the Arab world" – from the Foreword by Hayden White.


Foreword: Beyond Orientalism, by Hayden White; Preface; I. Historical Categorization; 1. Tropes and Temporalities of Historiographic Romanticism, Modern and Islamic; 2. Islam and the History of Civilizations; II. Typological Time, Patterning and the Past Appropriated 3. Chronophagous Discourse: A Study of the Clerico-Legal Appropriation of the World in an Islamic Tradition; 4. The Muslim Canon from Late Antiquity to the Era of Modernism; III. History of the Future; 5. God's Chronography and Dissipative Time; 6. Rhetoric for the Senses: A Consideration of Muslim Paradise Narratives; IV. Distractions of Clio: Impasses and Perspectives of Historians' History; 7. Islamic Political Thought: Current Historiography and the Frame of History; 8. Monotheistic Monarchy; Acknowledgements; Index

328 pages
ISBN 978-963-7326-73-8 cloth $55.00 / €50.00 / £45.00
ISSN 1786-1438 (Pasts Incorporated: CEU Studies in the Humanities, Volume IV)