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The Paradoxes of Unintended Consequences

Edited by Lord Dahrendorf, KBE FBA, Director, Bank Gesellschaft Berlin (UK) PLC, London, Yehuda Elkana, President and Rector, Central European University, Budapest, Aryeh Neier, President, Open Society Institute, New York, William Newton-Smith, Fellow & Tutor in Philosophy, Balliol College, University of Oxford; Chairman, Higher Education Support Program, Open Society Institute, Budapest, István Rév, Director, Open Society Archives, Central European University, Budapest

This volume of essays is dedicated to George Soros in honor of his seventieth birthday. The authors come from the different but intersecting worlds of academia, politics and business.

The editors have chosen the title The Paradoxes of Unintended Consequences to encourage the contributors to adopt a dialogue-oriented approach and in reference to the example of Giordano Bruno, who was burnt at the stake 400 years ago for holding heretic views which were probably far more backward than the views of those condemning him.

The idea behind this approach was that any complex social process or political attempt to change the lives of people will have unintended consequences, usually paradoxical ones. These consequences should force us to reconsider our original theory.

The volume also contains a short biography of George Soros and a list of his published works and philanthropic initiatives.

Ĺslund, Anders - Senior Associate, Carnegie Endowment for International Peace, Washington, D.C. Belting, Hans - Professor of the History of Art, Staatliche Hochschule für Gestaltung, Karlsruhe Botstein, Leon - President, Bard College, New York Dornbusch, Rudiger - Ford Professor of Economics and International Management, MIT Department of Economics, Cambridge, Massachusetts Feldhay, Rivka - Director, Institute of the History and Philosophy of Science and Ideas, School of History, Tel Aviv University Geremek, Bronislaw - Minister of Foreign Affairs of the Republic of Poland Göncz, Árpád - Past President of the Republic of Hungary Johnston, Mark - Chairman, Department of Philosophy, Princeton University, New Jersey Kis, János - Chairman, Department of Political Science, Central European University, Budapest Klaniczay, Gábor - Rector, Collegium Budapest Kornai, János - Professor of Economics, Harvard University and Collegium Budapest Krastev, Ivan - Program Director, Center for Liberal Strategies, Sofia Krips, Henry - Professor of Communication, University of Pittsburgh Lepenies, Wolf - Rector, Wissenschaftskolleg zu Berlin Michnik, Adam - Editor-in-Chief, Gazeta Wyborcza, Poland Mokrzycki, Edmund - Professor of Sociology, Central European University, Warsaw Neier, Aryeh - President, Open Society Institute, New York Newton-Smith, William - Fellow & Tutor in Philosophy, Balliol College, University of Oxford; Chairman, Higher Education Support Program, OSI, Budapest Osiatyski, Wiktor - Professor of Law, Central European University, Budapest Plesu, Andrei - Rector, Collegium Nuova Europa, Bucharest Rév, István - Director, Open Society Archives, Central European University, Budapest Rieber, Alfred - Professor of History, Central European University, Budapest Sajó, András - Professor of Law, Chair of the Comparative Constitutional Law Program, Central European University, Budapest

420 pages
ISBN 978-963-9241-09-1 cloth $55.00 / €46.95 / Ł40.00