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The Long Arm of Papal Authority

Late Medieval Christian Peripheries and Their Communication with the Holy See


The Editors
Gerhard Jaritz is a member of the International Medieval Congress (Leeds Programming Committee) and is a Professor in the Medieval Studies Department at Central European University.
Kirsi Salonen is the author of "The Penitentiary as a Well of Grace in the Late Middle Ages: The Example of the Province of Uppsala 1448-1527"
Torsten Jorgensen is Professor at the Centre for Medieval Studies at University of Bergen

The volume contains selected papers from two conferences in 2003, at the University of Bergen (Norway) and at Central European University in Budapest. They deal comparatively with the communication of the Holy See with Northern Europe and Eastern Central Europe in the Late Middle Ages, both areas at the margins of Western Christendom. Special emphasis is placed on analysis of registers in the Apostolic Penitentiary.


List of Tables List of Figures Abbreviations related to the collections of the Vatican Secret Archives Preface Chapter 1. Piroska Nagy, Peripheries in Question in Late Medieval Christendom Chapter 2. Kirsi Salonen, The Penitentiary under Pope Pius II. The Supplications and Their Provenance Chapter 3. Torstein Jørgensen, At the Edge of the World: The Supplications from the Norwegian Province of Nidaros Chapter 4. Kirsi Salonen, The Supplications from the Province of Uppsala. Main Trends and Developments Chapter 5. Irene Furneaux, Pre-Reformation Scottish Marriage Cases in the Archives of the Papal Penitentiary Chapter 6. Jadranka Neralic, Central Europe and the Late Medieval Papal Chancery Chapter 7. Etleva Lala, The Papal Curia and Albania in the Later Middle Ages Chapter 8. Piroska Nagy and Kirsi Salonen, East-Central Europe and the Penitentiary (1458-1484) Chapter 9. Lucie Doležalová, "But if you marry me": Reflections of the Hussite Movement in the Penitentiary (1438-1483) Chapter 10. Ana Marinkovic, Social and Territorial Endogamy in the Ragusan Republic: Matrimonial Dispenses during the Pontificates of Paul II and Sixtus IV (1464-1484) Chapter 11. Gastone Saletnich and Wolfgang Müller, Rodolfo Gonzaga (1452-1495):News on a Celebrity Murder Case Chapter 12. Blanka Szeghyová, Church and Secular Courts in Upper Hungary (Fourteenth to Sixteenth Century) Chapter 13. Ludwig Schmugge, Penitentiary Documents from Outside the Penitentiary Chapter 14. Gerhard Jaritz, Patterns and Levels of Periphery? List of Contributors

205 pages
ISBN 963-7326-06-5 paperback $34.95 / €29.95 / £19.95