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Teaching Gender with Libraries and Archives
The Power of Information

Edited by Sara de Jong and Sanne Koevoets

A joint publication by ATGENDER and CEU Press

Sara De Jong is research fellow at the University of Vienna, Austria
Sanne Koevoets is a lecturer at Media and Culture Studies, Utrecht University, the Netherlands

This work invites teachers and students in gender and women’s studies to engage with the library not as an instrument for knowledge, but as a subject and object of knowledge in its own right. The authors and editors had three specific aims. Firstly, to highlight how Gender Studies and the institutions and practices that preserve and disseminate feminist knowledge are historically and systematically intertwined. Secondly, the necessity to reflect on the symbolic meaning and practical institutionalization of libraries and archives as they are undergoing profound transformations under the influence of new (technological) developments; finally, to engage with the question of how these transformations give way to new ways of producing, preserving and disseminating feminist knowledge through practices situated between the force fields of cultural and academic institutions, material and virtual culture, and the collective imaginary.

This book is a part of the series Teaching with Gender, European Women’s Studies in International and Interdisciplinary Classrooms, jointly published with ATGENDER, The European Association for Gender Research, Education and Documentation.


Introduction Chapter 1: Are there parallels in the history and development of women’s/gender studies and women’s/gender libraries Chapter 2: Institutionalizing activist legacies Chapter 3: Core feminist texts in Europe online: Teaching with the FRAGEN database Chapter 4: Teaching gender-sensitive English as a foreign language through databases: Local practices and beyond Chapter 5: Searching for women in the archives: Collecting private archives of women Chapter 6: (Re)searching Gender in a library Chapter 7: Reflections on Glasgow Women’s Library: The production of cultural memory, identity and citizenship Chapter 8: The library as knowledge broker Chapter 9: ReLocations: Independent libraries feminist activism Chapter 10: Beyond the Bun Lady: Towards new feminist figurations of librarianship

180 pages, paperback,
ISBN: 978-615-5225-60-4
$29.95 /€24.95 / £22.99