The Last Superpower Summits will be presented on April 11 at the Institute for European, Russian, and Eurasian Studies of The George Washington University.

House of a Thousand Floors  is a 2016 INDIES Finalist in the Science Fiction category. 

The latest release is Castle and Cathedral in Modern Prague (Longing for the sacred in a skeptical age). 

CEU Press participated in the Leipzig Book Fair, March 23-26.

The Stranger, the Tears, the Photograph, the Touch (Divine presence in Spain and Europe since 1500): a selection of pictures from this forthcoming book is on display in the Hungarian House of Photography – Mai Manó House until May 24.

How They Lived, volume 2 by András Koerner: book launch took place at the Center for Jewish History, New York on March 14, 2017, moderated by Frank Mecklenburg, Director of Research and Chief Archivist at Leo Baeck Institute.

Book launch and panel discussion of Twenty-five Sides of a Post-Communist Mafia State with Bálint Magyar, Júlia Vásárhelyi, András Bozóki, and Balázs Trencsényi was held on March 10, 2017 at the Budapest campus of the Central European University.

2017 Spring/Summer Catalog is available for download.

Roma-Gypsy Presence in the Polish-Lithuanian Commonwealth, 15th-18th Centuries by Lech Mróz received honorable mention for the Kulczycki Book Prize in Polish Studies.

On Holocaust Memorial Day CEU Press offered a selection of texts and photos from recent publications of the press.

Top five CEU Press titles by number of copies sold in 2016:
With Their Backs to the Mountains
How They Lived
Post-Communist Mafia State
Arguing it Out
Hybrid Renaissance

Top five by sales revenue in 2016:
With Their Backs to the Mountains
How They Lived
Art Beyond Borders
Nationalizing Empires
Holocaust in Hungary

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Promoting the Saints

Cults and Their Contexts from Late Antiquity until the Early Modern Period

Essays in Honor of Gábor Klaniczay for His 60th Birthday


Edited by Ottó Gecser, József Laszlovszky, Balázs Nagy, Marcell Sebők, Katalin Szende

The studies in this volume concentrate on a complex set of socio-cultural phenomena, the cult of saints, in a variety of regions from Egypt to Poland, with a focus on Italy and Central Europe. The subjects of the contributions range in time from the fourth until the eighteenth century. The diversity of approaches adopted by the contributors—from literary analysis and historical anthropology to archaeology and art history—represents that open and multidisciplinary historical research that characterizes the work of Gábor Klaniczay to whom these essays are dedicated.

"Schüler und Freunde aus Frankreich, Österreich, Rumänien, der Tschechischen Republik, Ungarn und den Vereinigten Staaten haben sich zusammengetan, um Gábor Klaniczay zu seinem 60. Geburtstag in Gestalt einer 300 Seiten starken Festschrift zu gratulieren: ein schönes Geschenk, das 21 verschiedene, thematisch aber eng miteinander verflochtene Beiträge enthält, die vorwiegend um die medialen Dimensionen der mittelalterlichen Heiligenverehrung kreisen. Es geht also primär um Bilder und Worte, die auf Kirchenwände gemalt oder in Grabplatten gemeißelt, handgeschrieben, gedruckt oder in der Predigt verflüchtigt und vervielfältigt wurden. In dieser Hinsicht führt der Titel, den die Herausgeber fü den Sammelband gewählt haben, „Promoting the Saints“ („Für Heilige Werben“), etwas in die Irre. Um Kultförderung im engeren Sinn des Wortes geht es zwar in fast allen Beiträgen „irgendwie“; das Werben selbst steht aber nirgends im Blickpunkt der Aufmerksamkeit.
Der Band aber präsentiert sich wohltuend homogen. Er wird dem Jubilar ohne jeden Zweifel viel Freude bereiten." - Mitteilungen des Instituts für österreichische Geschichtsforschung


Preface by Jacques Le Goff

List of Abbreviations

Marianne SÁGHY: Pope Damasus and the Beginnings of Roman Hagiography

Ildikó CSEPREGI: Theological Self-Definition in Byzantine Miraculous Healing

Cristian-Nicolae GAŞPAR: (Re)claiming Adalbert: Patristic Quotations and Their Function in Canaparius’ Vita S. Adalberti

Patrick GEARY: “Pull you Sons of Whores!”Linguistic Register and Reform in the Legend of St. Clement

János BAK: Hagiography and Chronicles

André VAUCHEZ: Hagiography and Biography: The Case of St. Francis of Assisi

Péter BOKODY: Idolatry or Power: St. Francis in Front of the Sultan

Stanko ANDRIC: Blessed John of France, the First Franciscan Minister Provincial in Hungary, and his Miracles

József LASZLOVSZKY: Material Culture and Everyday Life in the Acts of Canonization and Legends of St.Margaret

Viktória DEÁK: The Techniques of a Hagiographer: The Two Legendae of Saint Margaret of Hungary

Dávid FALVAY: St. Elizabeth of Hungary in Italian Vernacular Literature (Thirteenth to Fifteenth Centuries)

Stanislava KUZMOVÁ: Division and Reintegration of St. Stanislaus: A Political Analogy in Sermons?

Balázs NAGY: Saints, Names, and Identities: The Case of Charles IV of Luxemburg

Ernő MAROSI: Saints at Home and Abroad: Some Observations on the Creation of Iconographic Types in Hungary of the Fourteenth and Fifteenth Centuries

Béla Zsolt SZAKÁCS: Palatine Lackfi and his Saints: Frescos in the Franciscan Church of Keszthely

Gerhard JARITZ: Late Medieval Saints and the Visual Representation of Rural Space

György GALAMB: Sainthood in the Propaganda of Mendicant Orders: The Case of the Dialogus contra fraticellos of James of the Marches

Ottó GECSER: Sermons on St. Sebastian after the Black Death

Emőke NAGY: “Had She Born Ten Daughters, She would have Named them All Mary Because of the Kindness of the First Mary.” St. Anne in the Sermons of Two Late Medieval Hungarian Preachers

Petra MUTLOVA: The Cult of the Saints in the Bohemian Reformation: The Question of Images

Marina MILADINOV: Madonna of Loreto as a Target of Reformation Critique:Peter Paul Vergerius the Younger

Benedek LÁNG: Saint Christopher, the Patron of Treasure-Hunters

List of Contributors


336 pages
ISBN 978-963-9776-93-7 cloth $60.00 / €55.00/ £50.00