Expanding Intellectual Property

Copyrights and Patents in Twentieth-Century Europe and Beyond
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The edited volume deals with the expansion and institutionalization of intellectual property norms in the twentieth century, with a European focus. Its thirteen chapters revolve around the transfer, adaptation and the ambivalence of legal transplants in the interface between national and international projects, trends and contexts. The first part discusses the institutionalization of copyright and patent law in the framework of the bigger political and economic projects of the twentieth century. The second and third parts of the collection review relevant processes in the communist regimes and the post-communist societies, respectively. The essays refl ect on the concept and the mechanisms of expansion of intellectual property rights by pointing at processes of enculturation, transnationalization and universalization of norms, as well as practices of incorporation and resistance. The contributors lay a particular emphasis on the role and activity of social actors in the establishment and validation of intellectual property norms and regimes, from the function of experts and creation of expert cultures to the compelling power of popular street protests.

Introduction Hannes Siegrist and Augusta Dimou 
I The Institutionalization of Intellectual Property Rights between National and International Contexts 
Intellectual Property Rights and the Dynamics of Propertization, Nationalization, and Globalization in Modern Cultures and Economies Hannes Siegrist 
Power and Development: The Revision Conferences of 1967 and 1971 of the Berne Convention and the Universal Copyright Convention Jonas Görtz 
Legal Designs: Danish Designers as Court-Appointed Experts and the Expansion of the Concept of Copyright Stina Teilmann-Lock 
Intellectual Property and Competition Policy: Patent Pooling and Industrial Concentration in Germany (1890–1930) Louis Pahlow 
The Melting Pot of Copyright Law: Urheberrecht in Jerusalem Michael Birnhack 
“Aryanization” Expanded? Patent Rights of Jews under the Nazi Regime Lida Barner 
II Socialism: Copyright between System and Defiance 
Copyright in the German Democratic Republic and the International Copyright Regime Matthias Wiessner 
From State Governance to Self-Management: Culture and Intellectual Property Rights in Communist Yugoslavia Augusta Dimou 
Samizdat, Copyright, and the State: Copyright as Censorship and the Differences between East and West Debora Halbert 
III Postsocialism: Renegotiating Copyright Norms in Europe 
10 The Influence of EU Copyright Harmonization Directives on the Construction of Postsocialist Copyright Law in Central and Eastern Europe Adolf Dietz 
11 A New Concept in an Old Context: The Legal Framework of the Transformation of Intellectual Property in Macedonia after the Dissolution of Yugoslavia Mišo Dokmanović 
12 Opposing the Expansion of Copyright Law: Social Norms in the Quest against ACTA and the “Commodification of Knowledge and Culture Project” Katarzyna Gracz 
List of Contributors 

“This collection represents a valuable contribution to the growing sub-field of intellectual property history, which seeks to examine the development of IP legal systems within their social, political, and cultural contexts.”

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