Linkages of Financial Groups in the European Union

Financial Conglomeration Developments in the Old and New Member States
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Financial services industry has shown trends of increased consolidation across different types of financial institutions. This book focuses on the conglomeration of banking and insurance activities among financial institutions of the 15 old members of the European Union, and addresses the development and impact of conglomeration linkages between these fifteen and the ten new member states.

Most of the large groups combining banking and insurance activities groups among the former member states of the European Union are often linked to the largest such institutions in the new member states, having created the linkages mainly through Merger & Acquisition Activities; with greater accent on the banking sector and lesser connections on insurance side.

Financial conglomeration linkages between the EU-15 and the new member states highlight investment attractiveness of the new members, with the appeal of new markets that allow the presence of more participants. Both institution-specific and country-specific factors play role in conglomeration across the new member states.

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Chapter 1
Financial Conglomeration: Economic and Legal Aspects
1.1. Nature and Features of Financial Conglomeration
1.2. Why Financial Conglomeration?
1.2.1. Developments of Conglomeration
1.2.2. Reasons for Conglomeration Motives of Financial Institutions Driving Forces of Conglomeration Economics of Conglomeration
1.3. Risks and Safeguards of Financial Conglomeration

Chapter 2
Financial Conglomeration in the European Union
2.1. Banking in the European Union: Importance and Insurance Linkages of
Largest Banks
2.2. Insurance in the European Union: Importance and Banking Linkages of
Largest Insurance Undertakings
2.3. Major Banking-Insurance Groups in the European Union

Chapter 3
Financial Conglomerates of the European Union in the New Member States
3.1. Banking and Insurance Sectors in the New Member States
3.2. Presence and Importance of the European Union Banking-Insurance Groups
in the New Member States
3.2.1. Largest Banks in the New Member States and the European Union
3.2.2. Largest Insurance Undertakings in the New Member States and the
European Union Linkages
3.2.3. Presence of the European Union Banking-Insurance Groups in
the New Member States
3.3. M&A Activities of the European Union Banking-Insurance Groups in the New
Member States
3.3.1. Banking-Insurance Sector M&A Experience
3.3.2. M&A Criteria: Case Studies
3.4. Opportunities and Threats of Financial Conglomeration
3.4.1. From the Perspective of Institutions
3.4.2. From the Perspective of Countries

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