The Legacy of Division

East and West after 1989
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This volume examines the legacy of the East–West divide since the implosion of the communist regimes in eastern Europe in 1989. In a series of original essays, authors from the fields of European and global history, politics and culture address questions fundamental to our understanding of Europe today: How have perceptions and misperceptions between the two halves of the continent changed over the last three decades? Can one speak of a new East-West divide? If so, what characterizes it and why has it re-emerged? Conversely, how have the hopes expressed in ’89 of reunifying Europe been fulfilled?


The legacy of division: East and West after 1989
Ferenc Laczó and Luka Lisjak Gabrijelčič

Staring through the mocking glass: Three misperceptions of the East-West divide since 1989
Dorothee Bohle and Béla Greskovits

Back to Cold War and beyond
Richard Sakwa

The cost of unity: The transformation of Germany and East Central Europe after 1989
Philipp Ther

Thirty years on: Germany's unfinished unity
Claus Leggewie

This mess of troubled times
Karl Schlögel

The mythology of the East-West divide
Jan Zielonka

Anxious Europe
Florian Bieber

'But this is the world we live in': Corruption, everyday managing, and civic mobilization in post-socialist Romania
Jill Massino

The end of the liberal world as we know it? Two walls in 1989
James Wang

Wests, East-Wests, and divides
Niall Chithelen

The Great Substitution
Holly Case

The struggle over 1989: The rise and contestation of eastern European populism
Bogdan Iacob, James Mark and Tobias Rupprecht

Beyond anti-democratic temptation
Marius Stan and Vladimir Tismaneanu

Dissidence – doubt – creativity: Revisiting 1983
Joachim von Puttkamer

Gendering dissent: Human rights, gender history and the road to 1989
Robert Brier

Creating feminism in the shadow of male heroes: That other story of 1989
Zsófia Lóránd

Legacies of 1989 for dissent today
Barbara J. Falk

Of hopes and ends: Czech transformations after 1989
Ondřej Slačálek

Just because the map says so, doesn't mean it's true: Thirty years after 1989, from an island perspective
Owen Hatherley

The East in you never leaves
Julia Sonnevend

Freedom of movement: A European dialectic
Jannis Panagiotidis

'The Romanians are coming': Emerging divisions and enduring misperceptions in contemporary Europe
Diana Georgescu

The two faces of European disillusionment: An end to myths about the West and the East
Jarosław Kuisz

Go East!
Aleida Assmann

'The future was next to you.'
An interview with Ivan Krastev on '89 and the end of liberal hegemony

'To consciously take on the role of the unconscious.'
A conversation between Igor Pomerantsev and Peter Pomerantsev

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