The Legacy of Division

East and West after 1989
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This volume examines the legacy of the East–West divide since the implosion of the communist regimes in eastern Europe in 1989. In a series of original essays, authors from the fields of European and global history, politics and culture address questions fundamental to our understanding of Europe today: How have perceptions and misperceptions between the two halves of the continent changed over the last three decades? Can one speak of a new East-West divide? If so, what characterizes it and why has it re-emerged? Conversely, how have the hopes expressed in ’89 of reunifying Europe been fulfilled?

With contributions from

Aleida Assmann, Florian Bieber, Dorothee Bohle, Holly Case, Niall Chithelen, Barbara Falk, Simon Garnett, Diana Georgescu, Béla Greskovits, Owen Hatherley, Bogdan Iacob, Ivan Krastev, Jarosław Kuisz, Ferenc Laczó, Claus Leggewie, Luka Lisjak Gabrijelčič, Zsófia Lóránd, James Mark, Jill Massino, Jannis Panagiotidis, Réka Kinga Papp, Igor Pomerantsev, Peter Pomerantsev, Joachim von Puttkamer,Tobias Rupprecht, Richard Sakwa, Ondřej Slačálek, Julia Sonnevend, Marius Stan, Philipp Ther, Vladimir Tismaneanu, James Wang, and Jan Zielonka.