Administrative Law in Central and Eastern Europe

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350 pages

Following the constitutional and political reforms in Central and Eastern Europe of the last decade, the time has now come for the whole-scale reform of public administration and the creation of a professional civil service. What is needed is a clear sense of the objectives to be achieved by the administration; and the provision of adequate resources to perform the tasks of public administration. In addition, and perhaps most importantly of all, there must be a sound legal basis for public administration.

Recognizing these realities, this book examines administrative law and administrative institutions in Central and Eastern Europe. In a series of case studies, discussing each country in the region in turn, it looks at the ways in which a range of administrative decisions are reached and at how the citizens affected by them are treated.

The material for each of the fourteen chapters was collected by a person or persons native to the respective country.


Introduction by Denis J. Galligan and Daniel M. Smilov

Bulgaria, Katya Hristova, University of Sofia  Croatia, Alexander Dordevic, practising lawyer, Rijeka

Czech Republic, Andrea Barsova, Czech Ministry of the Interior  

Estonia, Piret Lappert, Estonian Translation and Legislative Support Centre, Tallinn, and Ellen Valter, University of Toronto  

Hungary, Maria Bordas, National School of Public Administration Law and College of Public Administration, Budapest  

Latvia, Anita Usacka, Constitutional Court of the Republic of Latvia and University of Latvia

Lithuania, Ramune Duleviciene, practising lawyer; Audrius Bukaveckas, Lithuanian Law Academy, and Antanas Bukaukas, Ministry of the Interior, Lithuania  

Poland, Justyna Stencel, Adam Mickiewicz University, Poznan

Romania, Mihaela Serban, Central European University, Budapest  

Russia, Alexey A. Demin, Moscow State University  

Serbia, Danica Kilibarda,University of Oxford, and Snezana Rajsic, practising lawyer, Belgrade

Slovakia, Ivan Gyurcsik, Central European University, Budapest  

Slovenia, Natjaz Tratnik, University of Maribor  

Ukraine, Eugeniya Dodina, practising lawyer, Odessa